Staying Alive!

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I am still alive and no, I haven’t become an Ice-cream maker instead :]
The reason for not updating my website is that I have established and worked on my own studio Nocte.
The last months have not only been busy with projects but also moving into a great new studio space, slash bam in the middle of Dalston, enjoying the perks of the Dalston Roof Park.

If you want to get in touch, illuminate your concepts or just simply say hello, please contact me at or visit

The Company, Bring To Light NYC

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Commissioned by Bring To Light Festival NYC.

The Company is a sound reactive light installation, a collaboration between myself and designer Roland Ellis.

A suspended surface of 76 tungsten lamps form a catenary arch, playing host to live performances and revisiting the sounds of the 19th century East River industrial icons. Live adaptation of the soundscape reintroduces routine and mechanical process to the space.

The piece intends to bring back an atmosphere informed by the architectural legacy, a machine being delivered to occupy the space that was once a bustling industrial environment.

By either producing sounds or just reactive to the inputs from the environment, The Company is a sound reactive light installation.

The Company, a machine in a space producing light.

Technical info:

A custom software developed in Cinder control the installation using audio sampled in real time. The sound analysis is computed with Ableton Live using a Max For Live patch developed by Henrik Ekeus, it performs the Fast Fourier Transform, beat detection, attack detection and sound filtering, communicating with the custom software through an OSC connection.
The audio input is used by the custom software to modify the behaviour and the properties of objects in a 3D environment containing an exact replica of the actual installation, the position and shape of the objects as well as other properties like speed and intensity, eventually determinate the brightness of each light bulb individually addressed.

Bring To Light NYC

Bring to Light is a free nighttime public festival of art in New York City that takes place simultaneously with “nuit blanche” events in cities around the world. Inviting emerging and established artists to make site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art, the event creates an immersive spectacle for thousands of visitors to re-imagine public space and civic life. Bring to Light transforms streets, parks and the industrial waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn set against dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.

Peru National Stadium

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Commissioned by Cinimod Studio, I developed the interactive system for the Peru National Stadium.

Depending on the mood in the stadium, ambient noise sensors analyse the crowd to trigger different visual effects that wash the stadium facade with colour.

The scale of the project and the number of possible scenarios made this a challenging project.
I developed a solid solution that included automatic calibration and parallel hardware implementation to safeguard system reliability.

more info here: Cinimod Studio website

So… I was at a party last night

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Commisioned by the poet Sabrina Mahfouz for her solo show Dry Ice(Showed 20th – 23rd April 2011, at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London), “So..” is the first collaboration between myself and designer Roland Ellis.

Conversations and interactions form the stimulus for this reactive light installation. Each point of light has a character and together they form a dynamic canopy complementing the frequencies and amplitudes of a performance.

30 tungsten lamps with intricate filaments are suspended above the performer. The arrangement pitches toward the audience forming a luminous ceiling, such that the stories might be told from beneath the sheets or within an alcove.

A microphone captures the audio, which is analysed real time producing the canopy’s illuminating reactions. The analytical software is controlled live to allow the poetry and the light to united in performance.

The naturally smooth dimming of the tungsten lends well to the classic aesthetic given to the canopy. The glass of the lamps is of various forms, from the classic bulb to large spheres, cones and tubes; each with its own intricate filament glowing inside. When extinguished the glass is speckled with reflections of light from around the canopy.

We would like to thanks:

Sabrina Mahfouz
Insight Lighting

Lamps supplied, with thanks, by Historic Lighting

Photos courtesy of Tomas Hein


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I’ve been working in Paris with UnitedVisualArtists for the opening of La Gaite Lyrique, a cultural center in the heart of Paris dedicated to the digital culture.
I had the opportunity to work with these amazing and talented people using their own framework d3 to develop a module to control a large scale interactive led installation called Ensemble.